This, BASHO & FRIENDS' second album in Spanish, takes the music deeper, the language development further, and the funness factor higher than ever before.  From the ridiculously fast rapping about a Crazy House in "Casa Loca Remixx" to the most interesting way ever of learning regular and irregular verbs, this album delivers more advanced material while keeping the hooks and delivery simple enough to sing along to.  Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jarabe de Palo, Mana and Manu Chao, and blending them with his passion for hip hop & kids development, Basho delivers the hypest educational album you will ever get your hands on.  Parents love it and kids are addicted because it's all about the fun of music and cultural immersion.

Over the past seven years, BASHO & FRIENDS has had great success helping kids learn foreign languages through music in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin.  Basho's eclectic mix of musical genres to celebrate familiar topics like food, family, animals, colors, nature, school, and feelings, connects with kids both musically and emotionally - and the hooks are so catchy you won't be able to stop singing them.  This second album in Spanish engages more advanced learners by meeting them where they're at - both developmentally and musically - by offering more challenging topics and urban beats.  Between the unforgettable tunes and the repetition you won't be able to help learning Spanish.  Great for preschool to high school - these hooks will leave parents head bobbing and tapping the steering wheel even after the kids have been dropped off at school!  

Whether it be music, videos, stories, interactive games, or live shows, BASHO & FRIENDS aims to meet kids with high quality, captivating, educational and charming content that helps them connect with the world around them.  

BASHO & friends - connecting the world through music!