About Downloads

Downloads are digital files that you are able to download to your computer or other device. If you purchase a download, a physical CD or DVD will not be sent to you.

Downloads are best downloaded on a computer. Mobile devices can download files but for some devices like iPhones and iPads, it can be a little confusing on how to store the files on your device. Also, mobile devices tend to have limited storage capability, so for large files like videos, you may not be able to store the file on your device.

Because there are so many different types of computers, mobile devices, and operating systems, we are not able to provide technical support beyond making the file available to you. There are many resources on YouTube and online to help with questions regarding downloading files, unzipping them, burnings files to CDs/DVDs, etc. 

If you don't feel technically comfortable downloading songs directly from our site, they are all available on iTunes or Google Play and we suggest those as an option.

Download Licenses

Each download purchase entitles you to a single license for use in one household or one classroom. If additional licenses are needed, please purchase the number of copies required. Purchasing a download DOES NOT give you permission to use that song in your own video and upload it to YouTube or other sites.

For large licensing purchases (i.e. classrooms providing downloads to their students or schools providing downloads to teachers), please contact us for discounted rates.

Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads are mp3s packaged in a zip file and are best downloaded on a computer. While it is possible to purchase downloads on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you will need software to "unzip" the files, if this is not already something that your device can do.