A unique approach

My Mission is to make learning fun.

As a preschool and bilingual elementary school teacher I loved every day with my students because I could connect with them. And they could connect with me. Those memories light me up, and that is why I created BASHO & FRIENDS - to bring that joy of learning, connecting, and discovery to more kids.

With almost 28,000,000 views, 55,000 subscribers, and over 50,000,000 minutes of watch time across 50 countries on my YouTube channel, I have developed a proven formula for making learning fun - through music!



BASHO & FRIENDS create original musical content which can be used as a learning tool to help people of all ages explore languages, experience diverse cultures, and build the skills needed actively participate in our increasingly global community. Our catchy hooks, call and response techniques, high energy beats, and memorable lyrics make learning new languages unforgettable.


What do you want to learn today?

Hola Basho! I am a Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Teacher. I also teach FLES to other classes in the school. All my students LOVE your videos and songs and I have found your songs as a wonderful resource for teaching Spanish.
— Olgexandra, Massachusetts
I am a subscriber and en elementary Spanish teacher. I use your videos all of the time. I love your videos in general. I use your family video, your numbers videos, the littlest kids love the numbers with the robot, your food: Tengo, tengo hambre, and every kid in my school knows Cosmo and Orale Alfabeto!!!! Total Fan!
— Sydney, Pennsylvania
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Are you a teacher or parent looking for a resource that:

  1. makes your life easier

  2. makes your kids love you even more

  3. makes you COOL in SCHOOL

  4. saves you time

  5. is being developed with your direct input

  6. feels like it was made by a close friend specifically for YOU!

We've packaged up our secret sauce of videos, songs, lyrics, and lessons so you can bring more of the BASHO & FRIENDS learning fun into your classroom or home. From the days of the week and colors, to opposites and friendship, we have the songs, videos, lyrics, and lessons plans you need to make your lessons even more fun!