Itsy Bitsy Spider lyrics

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Word

Hey, hey, you guys know about a little spider?
The itsy bitsy spider
Yo, he’s a friend of mine
I wanna tell you a little story about this spider
About how he didn’t let the rain get him down
You wanna sing with me
Come on

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
So the itsy bitsy spider he went up that spout again

Hey, hey, here we go, here we go
Hey, hey, here we go, here we go

Alright, you still with me?
Now I’m going to tell you alittle bit more about that spider
About how he kept his spirits up and didn’t let the rai
n keep him down
It’s kind of fast so you stay with me
Pay attention, you ready? Here it comes.
The itsy bitsy spider who went up the water spout
When the rain was pouring, he didn’t cry or pout
He just waited for the sun, with a smile on his face
Then back up the spout at his little spider pace
The spider he was funky and the spider he was cool
The spider he was smart cause he knew a golden rule
When things are looking gloomy and feeling washed out
Keep a smile on your face and head back up that spout

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Yea, that spider did his thing yo
That spider did his thing
Climbed up the spout and now we gotta sing