Just For Fun! lyrics

Just For Fun!

Hey, hey, hey, what’s up everybody
Welcome to basho & friends dance party on fun street
Y’all ready to have some fun, gather round, lets do this just for fun
Here we go

Just for fun!  Party time we dance around.
Just for fun!  Take your hand and touch the ground.
Just for fun!  What a great day.
Just for fun!  Hooray!!
I say, jump around, time for fun,  
We can skip and we can run,  
It’s party time, for you and me
We all dance now, 1,2,3.

Move your arms, shake them all around,  
Move your hips, down to the ground
Jump and put your hands up in the sky
Wave to all your friends and just say “Hi!”


I say, up and down, here and there
I’ll be a rabbit, you be a bear
I’m up high, you’re down low
I dance fast, and you dance slow
Front to back, and side to side
I can hop, and you can slide
Spin around, we’re still not done
We dance around, just for fun!


Now move your arms and shake them all around
And shake them, and shake them, and FREEZE!

Now move your hips from side to side
And move them, and move them, and FREEZE!

Now move your head and shake it around
And shake it, and shake it, and FREEZE!
Now spin around, and spin around
And spin, and spin and spin and spin and FREEZE!