Mr. Monkey Man lyrics

Mr. Monkey Man

Hey there, Mr. Monkey Man  
Why do you look so sad
Oh, you want to go climb that tree but you don’t think you can do it?
Come on!
Of course you can!

Two feet, two hands
You can do it monkey man
Two feet, two hands
You can do it mr. Monkey Man

Monkey man you’ve got a frown
Your eyes and mouth are turning down
He looks up at the big old tree
And then he turns and frowns at me


I know at first the tree looks high
The top is way up in the sky
But listen to me, I’ve got a plan
Push out your chest and say I can!

Up, up, climbing up, climbing up up
Higher higher
Up up, Climbing up, climbing up up

Monkey man he starts to climb  
Hands and feet at the same time
He gets to the top of the big old tree
Then waves down at you and me


Monkey man now he climbs down
Monkey man where is your frown
Monkey man he turns to me
He smiles and says
I climbed that tree!


Yea, you did it Mr. Monkey Man
You climbed that tree
I knew you could do it

Two Feet, two hands, you can do it monkey man
Two feet, two hands, yes you did it mr. monkey man!