Time to Get Up lyrics

Time to Get Up

Hey everybody get up, come on, this is a song about getting up
getting up in the morning and getting up to dance
Are you ready
Let’s do this together, here we go

Get up, woah
Jump on outta bed
Get up, woah, get up you sleepy head
It’s time to start the day
Get ready to go outside and play

Hey, yo, it’s time to get up, you gotta start the day
I know it’s comfy there but you just can’t stay
Now it’s time to brush your teeth
If you’re in your fuzzy socks or you’re in your bare feet
Just brush, brush, from left to right
3 minutes and they’re pearly white
Then you wash your face, you’re the best
Now pick out your gear so you can get dressed
Now get back to your room and you shut the door
Pick all your toys up off the floor
And STRETCH, to the sky
Big breath in. . .and a great big sigh . . . [BREAK]
Oh snap, gottta get your clothes
Pants for your legs and socks for your toes
And a t-shirt
Or a sweatshirt
Or a sweater
Which is better?

Get all dressed and look in the mirror
Your mom says something but you just can’t hear her
You’re outfit looks great, you ARE the best
But oh my gosh, your hair’s a mess!

Yea but I kind of like it like that.  I’m wearing it like this today!


Yo, yo, yo, it’s 7:25 and you’re running late
Breakfast on the table and you clean your plate
Grab your book bag, you’re in a rush
Fly out the door hope you didn’t miss the bus
At the sidewalk, you look back
Mom yells something and you freeze in your tracks
What’s that?
What’d she say?
“There’s no school, it’s Saturday!”

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! No school today!
Saturday! Saturday! It’s time to go out and play.

It’s time to start the day  
Let’s go and play
Get ready to go outside and play
It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday
It’s time to start the day
Come on, let’s go play
Get ready to go outside and play
I love it

Get up!