Spanish Climate Change Starter Tool

I remember one of the first times I had a ‘real’ conversation in Spanish. I’d just arrived in Mexico for a semester during graduate school, studying economics. Inevitably, the topic of climate change came up.

While I was a bit out of my league in terms of vocabulary, it was really fun to use language as a tool for communicating ideas.

So, with kids standing up for climate change in the news this week, I couldn’t resist. (Isn’t Greta Thunberg an inspiration?)

I want to help you infuse your classroom with current topics to spark passion and conversation in your home or classroom. So I created a free Spanish Climate Change Starter Tool for you.

With the first day of fall this week, many of you may be talking about the weather and seasons. (Check out our lesson pack on the topic here.) You may want to use the weather as a foundational lesson and take it to the next level with some climate change vocab and questions offered in the pdf.

Check it out.

I know just the kind of people my readers are. Hard workers, passionate about your kids, and continually going above and beyond to make learning fun, educational AND relevant to the real world.

I also know how busy you are. I hope this tool makes your job that much easier by helping you touch on the topic in your classroom.

Basho MoskoComment