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formative education is being kept from too many kids

Thirty-five states don’t require kindergarten. Even the ones that do have inconsistent content, often leaving low-income youth without access to high-quality education. This formative educational year is being kept from too many. Not only that, but mainstream kids media rarely addresses and respects the complex identities that children at this age bring to the table. 

musical show speaks directly to real issues facing them

We bring the high-quality content and teacher directly to kids and families through a unique and contemporary weekly musical show that makes learning fun and speaks to the real issues facing them. We have revived the unprecedented safe space that Mr. Rogers created and added the unrivaled prolific music writing and pop influence of Jay Z.

fun and relevant content that informs and activates

My team and I have over 20 combined years of knowledge and experience of child development and academic growth. We make learning fun and relevant through the use of hip hop culture, animation, live action videos, complex characters, and authentic communication with kids. Basho & Friends delivers educational content that informs, invites, activates, and delights! Join Basho, Rexie, Athena, and Brobot this fall!


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