En español - CD


En español - CD


Learn Spanish through music with BASHO & FRIENDS’ first Spanish album. Learn greetings, the alphabet, location words, animals, food, the garden, action words, and goodbyes . . .all through music! These catchy hooks will have you learning without even knowing it!

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This is BASHO & FRIENDS' first album in Spanish!  It is a musical ride through your everyday life: the food you eat, the places you go, the people in your family, and the things you find important.  From hip hop & ska to reggaeton & lullabies, this album blends multiple musical genres while keeping listeners singing along to the catchy licks.  Think Dora the Explorer meets the Beastie Boys (with the soul of Mr. Rogers)!  Parents love it and kids are addicted because it's all about the fun of music and cultural immersion.

Over the past seven years, BASHO & FRIENDS has had great success helping kids learn new languages through music in Spanish, French, English and Mandarin.  Basho's eclectic mix of musical genres to celebrate familiar topics like food, family, animals, colors, nature, school, and feelings, connects with kids both musically and emotionally - and the hooks are so catchy you won't be able to stop singing them.  This, their first album in Spanish, celebrates all the beauty of being a kid by exploring familiar topics in a new language.

Between the unforgettable tunes and the repetition, you won't be able to help learning Spanish.  Great for preschool to high school - these hooks will leave parents head bobbing and tapping the steering wheel even after the kids have been dropped off at school!  

  1. Dia Bonito

  2. Cómo te llamas

  3. Orale, el alfabeto

  4. Botas perdidas

  5. Hora de jugar

  6. Con Cosmo

  7. Animales

  8. Tengo hambre

  9. Cómo vamos

  10. Cada semilla

  11. Botas perdidas remix

  12. Hasta mañana